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Surely even the Republicans must be thinking of Trump's endgame

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THERESA May must be delirious with relief that President Trump will not, after all, be taking up her ill-advised offer of a state visit. Imagine: Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace, complaining about the food and the décor – “so tired”. Comparing it unfavourably to Trump Tower – “now that's got real class”.

He would have enjoyed mixing it with the “losers” and “nut jobs” in Parliament who have criticised him. “Number Ten is a slum and Westminster is a zoo, believe me”. He would surely have been unable to resist calling Scotland a “failing country”, with the “worst weather”, led by “ball-breaking feminists who can't play golf”. Well, he's managed to antagonise just about every race, country and religion in the world, so why not the Scots?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” declares the US constitution, “that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” Not in Trumpland, they aren't. We thought that the puerile POTUS couldn't do any more to shock us. But the casual dismissal of immigrants from half the southern hemisphere as coming from “shithole countries” really moves Trumpshock to a higher level.

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This scatological outburst, which senators insist happened despite the President's denials, revived the hurt caused by his depiction of Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals”, his attempt to ban all Muslim immigration and his equivocation over the racist riots in Charlottesville. Trump’s racism must now be beyond dispute – remember how he promoted the absurd theory that Barack Obama wasn’t actually an American.

Even the language is debased. Newspaper editors across the world last week agonised over how to translate “shithole”. Literal........

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