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The Chewing-gum formula

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“I have evolved a new formula for resolving the K-issue!” my neighbor who considers himself to be an expert on all things in general and the local politics in particular informed me. Though I usually manage to avoid this gentleman this time he had me cornered right outside my house.

“It is a novel approach to the K-issue. It is solid but at the same time flexible, can be stretched and expanded and the most wonderful thing about it is that it sticks! And believe me it sticks like anything, which cannot be said of most of the proposals that have been outlined so far regarding this tangled K-issue!” he elucidated further.

“Sounds like chewing gum!” I quipped.

“Exactly! How brilliant of you to guess! My proposal is based on chewing gum,” he said, “A solution straight out of the people’s mouths I say! And that should please everybody who has a soft corner for democracy and all that!”

At this he proceeded to manipulate the blob of chewing gum in his mouth, directed it between his lips invading it with his tongue and then withdrawing the tongue he blew it up! A big bubble issued forth from his lips and expanded till it hid his face almost entirely. All I could do was to watch this whole procedure as one mesmerized. With a ‘phut’ sound the bubble burst and the collapsed gum crumpled on to his face. The next few minutes he was busy gathering up the filmy gum and extricating his face from it. Having........

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