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Disaster in the making?

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HOW the visionary leadership of this unfortunate security state experiments with the delicately balanced political system in the country in the quest for positive results can only be seen as an unmitigated disaster.

Over the past three decades alone there are multiple examples of this near-suicidal self-harm because key state institutions seem to have an endless appetite for acquiring and exercising power way beyond that visualised by the Constitution.

Military rulers Zia and Musharraf felt so constrained by constitutional provisions in wielding absolute authority that they introduced changes in what should have been a sacrosanct document to meet their individual needs/whims.

History will also judge the superior judiciary harshly for being complicit in these crimes against the nation as in the blink of an eye most of its members became no more than rubber stamps for the power-hungry despots.

Yes, it has become extremely fashionable to condemn civilian politicians for their real and perceived shortcomings and crimes. I don’t advocate any less opprobrium for their follies and crimes of omission and commission where these are real, corruption included. But to heap blame for all of the country’s woes on their shoulders is a travesty not least because over the past three decades, notwithstanding small periods that may qualify as exceptions to the rule, the politicians have been hamstrung by the overpowering presence of other institutions in critical policy areas.

Apart from engineering via military coups, then judicial........

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