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Under the praetorian shadows

6 12 16

A confused mind is devoid of critical thinking, a sine qua non to see through the smokescreen to formulate options for informed decisions. Therefore, if you do not want anybody to think differently and clearly, it is best to compound confusion. And this is precisely what has been happening with this country for the last seven decades.

The irony is, one cannot blame this on a lack of education or access to information, of that a plethora is available, but rather the kind spread to encourage cloistered thinking. By default, the more one imbibes what is being produced by the system in the name of education and information the more blinkered you become because the basic aim is to deny the vision to see clearly through the entire spectrum. The higher the degree, the higher the ignorance, particularly political until and unless an individual commits the blasphemy of breaking the vicious circle to wade through the forbidden waters of alternate discourse.

The engineering of thoughts is more dangerous than political engineering, though it is a prerequisite to the former, as it stymies the ability of critical thinking to determine genuine causes and locate the responsibility of the overall decay. Instead of having the capability to navigate to the destination, such inserted blurred vision destines one to chase mirages.

Corruption has remained a buzz word in this country since its inception but astonishingly the more it is talked about the more it grows, the more it is used as a weapon the more rampant it becomes. More surprisingly, the term corruption and its practice are affixed to politics and politicians only, a class that never remained the movers but played as pawns on........

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