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Palestinians’ double jeopardy

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Seventy years after the creation of Israel, the real sufferers are the millions of Palestinians who were either uprooted from their homes or are currently under the occupation of the Jewish state. Every year on May 15, Palestinians commemorate Yawn an-Nakba, day of catastrophe when Israel came into being on the map of the world. This year, on the occasion of Yawn an-Nakba Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza who were protesting against the shifting of American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

The massacre of Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli military prompted the holding of Arab League’s Foreign Minister meeting in Cairo on May 17 which called for the investigation of Israeli brutalities and taking steps to prevent such cruel acts in future. Also, an extraordinary summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was held in Istanbul on May 18 to discuss Israeli acts of barbarity in Gaza. OIC, called for sending an international peace keeping force in Gaza to save Palestinians from further liquidation at the hands of Israeli forces.

Why the Palestinians are at the receiving end? How and why the Palestinian case is being marginalised? Why there is no Arab/Muslim meaningful support to the Palestinian cause of seeking an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital? Will Israel and the United States continue to suppress legitimate Palestinian rights? These are the questions which are raised from time to time particularly when prospects for a Palestinian state are getting remote day by day.

The plight of Palestinians is not a recent phenomenon but their agony and humiliation at the hands of Israel and fellow Arabs began when they became refugees in their own homes. If Israel displaced millions of Palestinians since it emerged as a state in May 1948, no Arab country genuinely helped a community which is culturally, ethnically and religiously a part of the Arab land. The persecution and........

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