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Terrorism is global, our answer to it is not

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After the terrible and inhumane terror attack during the first hours of the new year in Istanbul, a second attack, almost as deadly, happened in İzmir. The loss of human lives in this second attack was almost minimal, due to the heroism and experience of a traffic police officer, Fethi Sekin. He lost his life when he stopped a vehicle full of explosives before it reached the Tribunal Building, saving the lives of tens of citizens. Two terrorists were killed and a tribunal clerk also perished during the gun fighting.

The second terror attack in Turkey since the beginning of the year seems to have the signature of the PKK. It is their nasty habit to target official buildings and members of the security forces. However, this could have also been the work of Daesh, as long as the cars full of explosives are one of their preferred means to kill dozens of people. There was a very similar attack in Baghdad two days ago when a vehicle full of explosives blew up, killing nearly 30 people in a market.

Something rather unexpected also happened in Jerusalem. A Palestinian truck driver ploughed deliberately through cadets, killing four of them and injuring a dozen more. One injured soldier is in a very critical condition. What is unusual is not an unexpected attack on the part of a Palestinian living in Israel: it seems that Daesh inspired the truck driver to perform his criminal mission. The information has not been fully confirmed yet. Israeli Intelligence is insisting on a Daesh origin in the attack. That would be a first on Israeli soil.

Now, in all cases, in İzmir, in Berlin, in Baghdad and in Jerusalem, the "conventional" explanations do not mean anything. We can always talk about the "Kurdish issue" in Turkey, the "Palestinian problem" in Israel and occupied territories, the "rise of the extreme right" in Germany, the "atomization" of Iraqi statehood, nothing really deciphers how this urban terror has turned into a nihilistic, inhumane and extremely violent eruption of hatred.

The heroic police officer in Turkey, Fethi Sekin, was a Kurdish citizen of the Turkish Republic, a member of security forces, he would also incidentally serve as a Kurdish interpreter for the Izmir tribunal. The cadets killed in Jerusalem were on a relaxing trip, all Israeli young citizens serve in the armed forces, men and women alike. The cadets did not have the presence of mind to use their weapons when the truck drove over........

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