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Thank you, Mr Zuckerberg!

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Dear Mr Zuckerberg,

I saw snippets of your testimony in front of the US Congress - nice tie!

I could not watch the whole thing (you know, unlike those useless politicians who were questioning you, I work for a living). But from what I saw and subsequently read, you were being grilled for using our data from our Facebook pages (mine included I suppose) and selling them to the highest bidder. Apparently, that's how you became a billionaire. Praise be to Allah - as they say in Brooklyn - or Mazel tov: take your pick!

All the power to you, Brother Mark! I have no problem with that. Please go right ahead and use all the data on my Facebook and sell them to whoever you want. I think neither Israelis nor Iranians nor indeed Arab potentates or American Neocons will have any use for it. If they do - ahlan wa wahlan! You'd owe me nothing for it. Enjoy your billions, but please share it with others. Sharing is caring, as Brother Karl said.

As you must know better than any one of those dim-witted legislators interrogating you, you have created a behemoth, the unfolding monstrosity of which is beyond even your own imagination. You are Victor Frankenstein of the Internet. I am totally cool with that. After all, we live in a time when for every sneeze we have in New York, an intelligence officer in China, Russia, Iran, or Israel says "Gesundheit!" God only knows in how many languages.

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