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Kavanaugh and white boys' club politics in the US

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Like millions of other people around the globe, in the US and elsewhere, I was transfixed by the testimonies of both Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, watching them from beginning to end.

I found her testimony believable, and his not.

This is not a matter of blind partisanship. This is the result of being a witness in real time to a noble truth shining against a whole regime of falsehood - from President Donald Trump who had nominated him to the 11 Republican members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee who were trying to railroad him to confirmation and to Judge Kavanaugh himself.

Dr Ford is one among a number of women who have accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault and who had dared to go public against a powerful man and the even more powerful men supporting him. They came forward with their allegations of sexual assault at a time when the #MeToo movement has falsely promised that such daring attempts to bring up sexual violence against women would be met with more sympathy by the public.

Dr Ford's courageous act exposed how the class supremacy of white wealth and power would instantly resort to vindictive anger and fury to silence and dismiss anyone, who would dare challenging its institutional privileges.

After watching the two testimonies, I am more than ever before convinced that Judge Kavanaugh would be a calamitous appointment to the Supreme Court and would tip the balance in a decidedly reactionary right-wing swing for decades to come.

Facing accusations of multiple sexual assaults by a number of women, Judge Kavanaugh made even more evident his schoolyard bullying tendencies, brazen partisanship, and disdain for those who challenge his politics and doubt his judicial integrity during that fuming, sniffing, self-pitying spectacle he staged on September 27.

In sharp contrast to him stood the towering courage of Dr Ford who came forward, faced the brazen hostility of 11 white Republican men tipping the balance of the US judiciary committee, and accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when she was 15 years old.

Why do I find her testimony more believable?

Because her first and final witness was Judge Kavanaugh himself!

The quiet power and the neuroscientific precision of Dr Ford's testimony reduced Judge Kavanaugh to a 17-year-old boy sitting in a 53-year-old man's suit, angry, conspiratorial, vindictive, in full denial, self-entitled,........

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